How It Works

How Does It Work?

Health Professions Schools

Following is a list of some of the schools at which applicants have used NursingABC courses to satisfy entrance prerequisites and provide remediation.

Strategies for Online Learning

In a traditional course, you would go to a classroom at a certain time. The professor would then teach for about an hour, while you take notes, and you then have time to digest the information before the next time your class ...

Esther Elliott Martin Scholarship

NursingABC has awarded the Esther Elliott Martin Scholarship since 2007. Each year several $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to NursingABC partner schools, for presentation to qualified students and application toward those...

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hartman Family Scholarship

NursingABC, Inc. is a Beaver County-based education company focused on bridging the gap to education for students across the United States. As part of this mission, we are happy to announce the Hartman Family Scholarship as a...

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