ENG 090: Basic Verbal Skills


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An introduction to basic verbal skills within the English language, with particular emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension. This course is designed to be used as an overview of basic skills within the English language and/or to prepare for the verbal section of standardized entrance exams to health professions programs.

Module 1
Grammar I - Parts of Speech, Parts of Sentences

Module 2
Grammar II - Sentence Structure, Clauses, Phrases, Fragments, Run-ons

Module 3
Grammar III - Agreement, Principal Parts, Usage, Capitalization, Punctuation

Module 4
Vocabulary I - Recognizing Context Clues, Recognizing Antonyms and Synonyms

Module 5
Vocabulary II - Identifying Word Functions (Parts of Speech; Denotation and Connotation), Recognizing Word Origins and Roots

Module 6
Spelling - Rules for Spelling, Exceptions to Rules, Commonly Misspelled Words

Module 7
Reading Comprehension I - Comprehending Factual Prose, Answering Questions at the End of a Reading Selection

Module 8
Reading Comprehension II - Remembering Details, Poetry & Fiction

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