BIO 095: Basic Lab Biology


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An introduction to the biological principles that function at the cellular and molecular levels with particular focus on the structure and function of the human organ systems.  BIO 095 is designed to be used to satisfy entrance prerequisites at nursing and health profession schools and to serve as the prerequisite course for a beginning-level college biology course.

Module 1
Basics of Chemistry

Module 2

Module 3
Cells and Membranes

Module 4
Energy, Respiration, and Photosynthesis

Module 5
Mitosis, Meiosis, Genes, Genetics, and DNA

Module 6
Tissues and Organs, Circulatory System

Module 7
Digestive System, Excretory System, and Respiratory System

Module 8
Nervous System, Musculoskeletal System, and Endocrine System

Video Lab
Oxygen Production by Plants, Osmosis and Diffusion, Respiration, Homeostasis, Organic Compounds, Microscopy, Skeletal Structure, Tissue Structure, Mitosis, Sensory Receptors, Dissection of a Rat

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